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Anti Money Laundry – Sky Exchange



Sky Exchange offers specialized services and coupled with our promising exchange rates, clients and customers will have greater flexibility for obtaining favorable exchange rates for their foreign currency needs.


Money laundering is the practice of disguising the origins of illegally-obtained money. Ultimately, it is the process by which the proceeds of crime are made to appear legitimate. The methods by which money may be laundered are varied and can range in sophistication from simple to complex.

We acknowledge that as a non-bank financial institution the company may face the risks of having to deal with money laundering activities. We realize that we have both civic responsibilities and legal obligations to do all we can to prevent money laundering.


Our Money laundering policy requires the following measures
Know Your Customer Policy (KYC)
• Obtain information about the true identity of the persons making the transactions
• Increasing awareness on money laundering issues among the staff
• Assisting law enforcement agencies and authorities in identification of the money laundering activities