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Sohni Dharti Remittance Program – Sky Exchange

What is Sohni Dharti Remittance Program?

For the first time ever, remitters will now get actual rewards for every remittance sent home!
The program itself is a point-based loyalty scheme for our remitters who live abroad and send money to their loved ones in Pakistan through banking channels or exchange companies. The Sohni Dharti Remittance Program is a unique and first-ever, smartphone application available in English and Urdu language. that tracks and updates every remittance a remitter sends home and awards remitters with reward points, which can be redeemed for free of cost services at multiple Public Service Entities

What is Sohni Dharti Remittance Program?

Earn reward points on every remittance you send!

Remitters will earn reward points based on a certain percentage of every remittance one sends.

There are three rewarding tiers:

  • Green
  • Gold
  • Platinum

Reward points will be given to remitters based on the following tier criteria:

Every remittance can raise the remitter’s category level and earn them more reward points.

Reward points appear on the app in the form of a virtual card that updates automatically with reward points after every remittance.


What is Sohni Dharti Remittance Program?

How To Download And Register For Sohni Dharti Remittance Program?

It is as easy as 1, 2, 3: Download, Register, Send Remittances and Earn Reward Points!

Search and Download Visit the Google Play Store (for Android Smartphones) or App Store (for iOs Smartphones) and download the app Register On the welcome screen, enter your full name, CNIC number, Passport number and current place of residence